8 Most Popular Tattoo Styles

Tattoos are one of the best ways to display individual flair, capturing something personal on your skin for eternity. Colorado has long been home to people that are unafraid to show their true colors, and now more and more people from the Centennial State are showing those colors quite literally. Denver’s best artists will be able to turn your vision for your tattoo into a reality – but getting the right style can take it to the next level.


Stunning visual accuracy is the calling card of this style. By replicating real life items, photographs and portraits, or scenes pulled from nature – realism tattoos can stop people in their tracks if done right. This technique uses intricate textures and shading to create those life-like images. Animal photography has become very popular in this space, as well.

Fine Line

Fine Line tattoos don’t bring the bold and brash styles, instead favoring a more delicate approach. By using thinner lines, more detail can be brought to the surface – but this relies heavily on precision and execution by the tattoo artist. Script tattoos, where the focus is on lettering, also fall into this style. The artist is crucial as this is a very precise form that requires the utmost attention to detail.

Music & Sports Fan Tattoos

Colorado sports teams have been very successful lately, and commemorating that success with a tattoo has become an increasingly popular option. This style can take many forms, from the Denver Broncos logo to images of your favorite players from the Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche. These works of art show your commitment to your team and capture historical moments.


This can also be identified as Old School, as this style is known for its bold lines and fantastic colors. Traditional is where you’ll find all those iconic tattoo designs from the past – roses, anchors, hearts, skulls, etc. Those come from the history of this style, as traditional originates with the tattoos sailors used to get. Iconic and well-known, Traditional is one of the most common styles of tattoos.


The bold lines of Traditional carried over to this style, as Neotraditional takes a lot from its predecessor. However, the lines are more pronounced, and Neotraditional uses more exploding and vibrant colors to create a more illustrative look. There are a lot of decorative details to this style, but its subjects are given also given a more realistic look.

New School

This is a fun style, as New School is defined by its wildly cartoonish images and exaggerated figures. These tattoos are not for the meek, as vivid colors and a playful, outside-the-box look highlights the artwork in this style. New School tends to be more whimsical than some of the other darker and more serious styles, but don’t worry. New School can carry some of those same themes, as well.


Every tattoo has meaning, but Tribal tattoos tend to be made up of intricate patterns and symbols that hold a deep, personal meaning for the individual. Most of these tattoos are built with geometric shapes and patterns, but it’s not uncommon for them to contain images of animals, insects, or even humans. Deeply rooted in a number of cultures, tribal tattoos have some of the most interesting and storied histories behind them.


When talking about cultural significance, there are few tattoo styles that fill that bill more than Japanese. Tattoos have been used to tell stories throughout Japan’s long and storied history. Their culture is full of symbols, mythical beasts and other creatures that have spawned gorgeous tattoos through their vibrant colors. When done correctly, this is one of the most detailed and easily recognizable tattoo styles out there.


Getting the right style for your tattoo is as crucial as getting the right image. There are many more styles – even more than those listed here – so make sure to do your due diligence before getting a tattoo to ensure you’re getting the right style for you. For more information, reach out to the experts at Death & Taxes Tattoo Parlour today.