Kris Masterson

Kris Masterson is an artist whose story is a testament to the power of passion and self-determination. Kris’s journey in the world of tattoo artistry is marked by a lifelong commitment to creative expression.

In 2006, Kris embarked on an uncharted path, fully immersing herself in the art of tattooing through a dedicated apprenticeship. Over more than a decade, she has relentlessly honed her craft, working in various street shops and mastering the art of turning imagination into ink.

Kris is a versatile artist with proficiency in various styles. Her true artistic calling lies in the vibrant world of new school designs, the captivating allure of pinups, the endearing charm of animals, and the thrilling realm of eerie and macabre imagery.

What truly sets Kris apart is her unwavering dedication to bringing your tattoo ideas to life. With a discerning eye for customization and a passion for turning concepts into reality, Kris takes immense pride in delivering unique, personalized tattoos that tell your distinctive story.

Kris’s ink isn’t just art; it’s a collaborative masterpiece, a fusion of your imagination and her exceptional skills. With Kris, your tattoo experience is a journey of creativity, transformation, and a lifetime of wearable art.

Kris is currently booking new clients at Death & Taxes Tattoo Parlour.

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