Greg Kennedy II

Gregory Fitzgerald Kennedy II was born into an artistic family and brings his own unique style to his art.


From an early age, he learned the values and virtues of good quality work.

Gregory has always been passionate about design and attended The Cleveland School of the Arts, where he was exposed to professional artists and their critiques of his work.

He was awarded a scholarship to attend art classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art, where he practiced the Masters. Gregory enrolled at Notre Dame College in 2011, where he honed his art skills.

In 2013, he decided to express himself in a way that many artists are not able to do, and began designing album/mixtape covers and a clothing line.

Gregory honed his tattooing skills while apprenticing under Scott Versago and further refined them during a trip to Europe to learn from Ary Morsuzza.

He specializes in black and grey realism at Death & Taxes Tattoo Parlour.


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